We have secured many loans and finance deals for an array of intermediaries and clients.

These clients include small businesses, individuals and corporations. We aim to finalise all bridging deals within seven workings days, subject to receiving all the required documents. We work alongside a number of organisations that can assist by providing unsecured loans, invoice discounting and leasing.

If you require funding, we will look into your query and advise you on the best way forward. We will not mislead you – we believe in being honest with you from the start. Throughout the funding application procedure, we ensure our clients experience an excellent level of service from our team. We keep in regular contact with all clients, updating them with regards to progress throughout.

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Short Term Loan Required for a Property in White City, London

Gross Loan Amount: £290,000

Market Value: £390,000

A client was introduced to us by a regular broker who required funds to refinance an unencumbered BTL property located in White City, London. The client required the funds to complete development on another site that he owned.


Short Term Loan Required to Refinance a Property for Investment in North West London

Gross Loan Amount: £465,000

Market Value: £650,000

One of our broker approached us requesting if we could help his client with a short term bridging facility for a property located in North- West London. The client required the bridging finance


Short Term Funding Required to Acquire Commercial Property in Sutton Courtenay

Gross Loan Amount: £350,000

Market Value: £500,000

A repeat HNW borrower approached us for a short term funding requirement to complete the purchase of a Closed public house in Oxford. The project was to acquire the property and apply


Short Term Funding Required for acquisition of two properties in Battersea

Gross Loan Amount: £1,000,000

Market Value: £1,665,300

A family of international clients enquired about short term funding for two newly built residential apartments on the riverfront, in the heart of the new Nine Elms in Battersea, an area well known for new developments.


Short Term Loan Required for two properties in London

Gross Loan Amount: £420,000

Market Value: £770,000

Introduced to us by one of our valued brokers, two clients, a mother and her son, were in need of separate short-term loans for two respective properties. The first was a spacious semi-detached property in Ilford they were looking to refinance, and the second was a residential property in


Short Term funding required to acquire a Commercial Property in Hounslow

Gross Loan Amount: £3,450,000

Market Value: £4,665,000

One of our long standing client had a fantastic opportunity to acquire a 4 storey commercial building in Hounslow. The security property is occupied by a tenant with a strong covenant strength on a short term lease. The client had already exchanged contract to purchase


Short term funding required to discharge outstanding debt against a property in Kingston-Upon-Thames

Gross Loan Amount: £750,000

Market Value: £1,000,000

The client approached us for short term funding as he ran into troubled waters with his 2nd Charge lender. As the property was a Buy-to Let property and as the client has already put the property


Short Term Funding required to acquire two adjacent commercial properties in South East London

Gross Loan Amount: £320,000

Market Value: £740,000

Client had an excellent opportunity to purchase the commercial properties (office space) which they were currently leasing at a discounted price through an “option to buy” scheme. The opportunity


Re-bridge facility required to pay off existing lender on a Residential flat is South-West London

Gross Loan Amount: £335,000

Market Value: £1,490,000

A broker with whom we have a long standing relationship with, introduced a client to us who required a re-bridging facility to pay off existing bridge lender. The client required a bridging