MFS research features in national and trade press

This week, Theresa May announced that a snap general election would be held on 8 June. Taking place in just seven weeks’ time, the Prime Minister stated that this General Election would bring Westminster together and allow the Government to hold a stronger negotiation position during Brexit. The market response to the election announcement was muted, with investors and business groups welcoming the election as a chance for the Government to establish a firm stance and approach to the Brexit negotiations.

Immediately following the EU referendum vote in June 2016, there were claims that investors would be much more risk averse in their financial planning, opting for a cautious investment strategy that mitigated against any uncertain conditions arising from Brexit. In reality, over the ensuing months British investors have continued to propel the private sector forward by embracing new investment opportunities associated with Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

To understand how investors are approaching their investment strategy over the coming 24-month negotiation period, MFS has asked a nationally representative sample of 1,000 UK investors about their financial plans. The findings revealed an investor community open to short-term investment opportunities – 30% of investors said that during the next two years of Brexit negotiations they will consider alternative finance and short-term lending to execute a responsive investment strategy. Moreover, almost two-fifths (37%) of investors currently view buy-to-let as an attractive investment opportunity.

Following the release of the research, MFS was featured across leading national and trade publications, including: City AM, Mortgage Introducer,, Specialist Finance Introducer, Global Banking & Finance and Our CEO Paresh Raja was also quoted offering his opinion on what the research means for the future of Britain’s investment landscape:

“During the Brexit negotiations, a large number of investors are turning to alternative finance and short-term lending options to enable them to execute a responsive investment strategy in light of the long-term uncertainty surrounding Britain’s political and economic landscape.”

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